Review: Nfu Oh 61 and 65

Some time ago (okay 1 week ago) I put my eyes on these two holo beauties.

I love sparkling thing, so an upgrade to holo nail polishes sounds pretty natural to me...

I joined a group order and got my two babies in a week! YAY!

The price for these babies on the site is 8€/each, but the trick is that you HAVE to pay 10€ for shipping in Europe. WTF?!
So the only reasonable choice was or to buy LOADS of stuff or to join a group order. Since I'm currently as far from rich as I can be, the second one sounded okay.

Here they are:

The blue one is 65 and the silver one is 61.

Pretty nooo?

Lets see some more pictures..



And on my super short nails:

I actually had quite a problem with the nail polish apply. It dries super quickly, but because of that any fixing before the nail polish is completely dry results in huuuuge empty spaces.
You can actually see that on the picture..
The nail polish dries into a matte finish.
Plus it's super easy to remove!

Another weird thing is that after I applied my quick drying top polish everything went matte. I was damn shocked, and I had to double check that I didn't apply Matte about you instead of Good To Go..

But thankfully after 2 minutes or so, the nail polish gor all sparkling and holo again!

Price: 3/5
Rating: 4/5
Overall: It's pretty, it's sparkling, it has 17 ml of nail polish in it plus it's in a pretty feminine like bottle. It dries quickly, it's easy to remove.. and with a bit of practice it can be less messy to apply.
Perfect? Probably, but on short nails - not really.

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