Nail polish + lip stuff collection

I decided to show off my nail polish collection and my lip stuff collection, for Girl about Town's giveaway, which btw ends on June 3rd! 

 I love collecting nail polishes + nail stuff (I didn't take pictures of those, because well I forgot). I also love lippies, but I don't have much of them, because I know I would never be able to use them all. 
And I don't like wasting stuff. So here it is, my collection in all it's beauty.

Beware, picture heavy! Nail polishes in a box:

Essence collection 1st part:

Random polishes

Essie collection:


  Alessandro collection:

S-He collection:

Essence 2nd part collection:

GOSH collection:

Random collection 2nd part:

Almost all of them together:

  I didn't take pictures of some nail treatments, Essie Fill the Gap, Essie Good to Go and some bling 
bling nail stuff.

My small lippie collection:

What to say... For a couple of months (maybe three) I had a nail polish obsession!


  1. Nice polish collection you got here. I store my np in shoes boxes too! So convenient, though I wish the bottom was completely flat and not arched. Anyway, your collection consists mostly of obscure brands, how did you hear of them? I don't think I've ever come across those in the States.

  2. I will write it here too, so everyone else can see.

    Here we don't have the np that are avalible in the USA, even Essie is a bit hard to get and Opi too. Tho they are both becoming puplar now!

    All of these are sold in local drugstores (S-he is sold only in DM tho), Alessandro, Essence and Nivea (and other) are sold in Muller, GOSH is sold in Leclerc, otherwise it's hard to find here too.

    They're all really good, except for alessandro. They are really pricey (10€ each) and don't last long, and aren't worth the money.

    I wish we has some SH or more US brands here tho..

  3. wow thats alot of polishes!

  4. Oh my, Oh my - that's alot of nail polishes! Some of the brands, is still new to me! WOOOOO! :D

  5. ohh you have lots of nail polishes!! so many colors! XD

  6. thanks for entering hunny! i will post things as soon as my computer comes back =]


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