Swatch: Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows

Hello my dear friends!

Today I have a swatch of these extremely pigmented eyeshadows by Catrice. One is from a LE, but the other two are from their regular line. 

They have this wicked texture/look of a snake's skin. Amazing! Except one, which broke in the pan and I had to put it back together using 70% alcohol. But it works as good nonetheless. 

The eyeshadows are insanely pigmented and because of this, the price isn't all that problematic (a little bit more than 4€/piece). 

swatched on bare skin, no primer

But.. there is always a but. And for me it is a sad one. As much as I love the pigmentation of these, they just don't want to stay on my oily eyelids. The application was flawless, there is nothing to add there. But after 1-2h of wear, there is just one brownish blob on my eyelids. If anything at all. *cry*

I wish they were better for oily eyelids (especially during the heat, I am sure in the Winter they would last a while longer), because it feels like putting your fingers on a silky snake skin. Weird, but amazing!

Do you have any of the Liquid Metal eyeshadows by Catrice? Do you love or hate them?

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  1. So se mi zdeli sumljivi. So res pigmentirani ampak me je motil že občutek na prstih...preveč so mi bili pudrasti, prašni in hkrati mehki :/ upam,da jih boš vseeno nekako lahko uporabila :)


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