Soft brown look


 A quick post, because I completely forgot what I used for this look. Whoops
But I do know what I used for my brows, which look fabiolouse! Catrice brow palette, cute little thing that has two cool toned eyeshadows. I am working on a review about it, which I will link in this post once it is done. 

Maybe it was the Sleek palette? Damn, I don't know. But it looked so pretty on pictures that I had to share it with you.
Even if you are probably all sick of these nude looks. Too bad, I do them daily :P. They are a no-brainier and look good.

Cute make up, but these brows... whoomp. *love*

[sorry for this kind of weird post, I am tired and I find it funny that for the love of me, I can't remember what I used.. ahem]

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