NOTD: Pastel Easter (gel) nails


For Easter created a unique manicure using my beloved Essece Gel nails at home kit. I wanted to see what kind of stuff I can put on my nails with the gel polishes. Well, it turns out you can put practically anything on.. ;)

It took me quite a while to finish it off (because I was busy doing other stuff in the meantime), but it was well worth it.
The glitter is lovely, but it was a true pain in the arse to work with. Not because there's anything wrong with it, but because it is glitter. 

I used:

Thumb - Barry M Berry Ice cream (NP308) + Nailz craze unicorn stamping plate + clean rhinestones
Index - Essence Very Cherry (Fruity TE) + Nailz craze unicorn stamping plate
Middle - Kiko Pesca (Cupcakes TE)
Ring - Essence glitter Miss blue eyes
Pinkie - Kiko Lilla (Cupcakes TE)

All with the Essence gel nail at home kit.

I will definitely do more of the gel manicures in the future because I think I am finally getting the hang of it. 

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