NOTD: Catrice Oysters and Champagne


I was looking really hard for this nail polish as it was sold out in all the stores I looked in. One day I was really lucky and went to a store people seldom go (as it seems by the stock). I was really happy to get this nail polish! I wanted it since I saw the promotional pictures :).

The nail polish is fine, but it needs 2-3 layers (it depends on how thickly you apply it) to look as opaque as it is in the bottle. It also need a bit more time to dry properly (tho a small smudge won't be as noticeable as with cream polishes) - I'd say about 30 minutes.

I really like the fact that it can pass for a nude polish if looked from distance, so I think it may be work safe?

The only thing I do not like about it, is that even after 2 layers I still had some visible nail line. Not because it wouldn't be so opaque, but because the glitter is so hard to place on short nails. :/

Oh, the removal was of course similar to other glitter polishes. Terrible, but thanks god for aluminium and cotton pads with nail polish remover.

Overall I am really happy with this polish and its unique look.


  1. Zame je to lak za slojenje, čez belega mi najlepše izgleda. :)

  2. @Taya: dobra ideja! bom probala čez belo, ker sam je bolj tko..


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