Futuristic Greek make up

Hi dolls!

I wanted to do some greek looking make up, but while I was at it I decided to use a less-than-loved eye pencil I have from Kiko.

And I liked the result so much that I took pictures for you :).

I used
Neve cosmetics in Fondente

Neve cosmetics in Ginger 
Kiko eye pencil (813 and white)
False lashes by KH center

(the cutest little being in the background)

I tried taking some pictures with my other camera and it didn't turn so well.. 

OH hi! I just woke up kind of look.

Would you rock such a look?


  1. Ful je krasen. <3 Meni zdaj kar manjka ustvarjanje, že dva tedna se nisem ličila, tako da danes, upajmo, spet kaj ustvarim. :)

  2. @Taya hvala! Ti se kar naliči, z veseljem pogledam tvoje krasne make upe!

  3. It looks very nice! :) You're pretty!


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