To Winter and beyond, make it pink!

Hi dolls!

Last time I was telling you about the troubled manicure with the Essence Do the Rittberger nail polish. But I didn't tell you how I fixed the problem and fell in love with the new manicure.

Okay, let me tell you...

I went stamp crazy! Seriously, it took me a while to find the perfect polish to stamp with (Essence Style me love), but once I did, oh boy I stamped away. 
Stamping is fun, fun fun! Did you know that? ;)

I used a plate from Nailz Craze, which I love dearly. It's the one with the Matryoshka doll motive.

Excuse the glittery cuticles. The polish I was stamping with is loaded with tiny glitter.

After I stamped my soul into it (too much?), I went with an old Jessica nail polish on my thumb nail. Oh, what a mistake it was! It is thick as ... (complete with your immagination) and it is way too opaque for the effect I was going for. I wanted a sparkle effect, not a full cover nail thing...  Oh well :).

I really, really like how this manicure turned out!

What is your favorite nail polish combination?

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