NOTD: Alessandro Shooting Star (Glitter Stars LE)

Hi beauties!

I was really happy when I get the notice (thank you Anna for letting me know that I won), that I won the giveaway at the Alessandro Slovenia Facebook page. 

They let me chose any of the minies from the new Glitter Stars limited edition. I mean, the whole collection is glitter galore. Each nail polish is full of it and I had a hard time to chose. 

Well, okay I lied. I picked this black with silver and random holo glitters the minute I saw it. I love glitter and I didn't own anything like it before. 

The application was OK. I needed thicker coats (used 2, but would need 3 with thinner coats) and a top coat because it was a bit rough after it dried out. 

When I woke up the day after the application I saw a small chip on my left hand. OH no! It is was a tiny, tiny one and I didn't give enough fcks to fix it. It is barely noticable anyway :P. After a couple of days it didn't expand so it's fine.

I really like it, because it is something unique in my nail polish collection. Beautiful!
We'll see how the removal goes. I am already scared, haha. =P


  1. Čudovit, ampak ja, odstranjevanje bleščic je pa svoja zgodba.. :)


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