Essence Vampire's Love TE (November 2011)


I got the press email with all the photos and prices from Essence's new collections. 
And today I want to show you the gorgeous Vampire's TE. 

I edited the photos in photoshop (merged them together, added some text, resized them) so I could show you what's coming next easier.
The photos are from Essence and not mine!

Nail Polish - 1,79€
Eye Shadow Palette - 3,89€
EDT - 7,49€
Voluminizing Lash Powder - 3,49€
Shimmer Powder - 3,49€
Blush Gelee - 3,29€
Lip Stain - 2,19€

The collection will be available in Slovenia (DM, Tuš Drogerije, Muller, Beauty World) in November 2011.


  1. Aaaaa vse lakce!!! Komaj čaka swatche.

    In paletko mogoče :D Odvisno od pigmentiranosti..

  2. I think would like
    the : lash powder, shimmer powder,
    Blush and lip stain :)

  3. @Lunca: meni sta pa samo dva lakca cisto top! Ampak druge reci so zakon :D.

    @MariaAndrea: I can't wait for them to come to our stores!


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