Whoops, I got brown hair!

Hello lovelies!

Yesterday I decided to dye my hair back to my natural hair color (dirty blond) so I got myself a box of dye.
Late at night when I applied the color it looked fine, until 10 minutes later when the color changed into chocolate brown. Whoops.
After 30 minutes (established time) I took it off and washed my hair..  and ended with chocolate brown hair..

Wow, that was unexpected! 
Luckily I like the color, but I will let it fade and redye in fall in this exact same color..
I had to use a dark brown eyeshadow for my brows, because my brows are blonde xD!

Now off to the pictures.

The color (in summer light!)

I was taking pictures a couple of minutes ago and it was terribly hot! D:!

Hahaah with my super short nails and my mani that I've been wearing for 4 days.

And now a comparison picture (that isn't really one, since on one I'm like super posing).

Well, what do you think?
Yay or nay?


  1. YAY! i think it looks more natural..u look gorgeou :)

  2. Both colours look really nice on you!


  3. I like you with brown hair :)


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