NOTD: Nfu Oh 65

I bought this nail polish a whiiiileee ago, and I never used it. The apply is sh*t, the coverage is somehow fine, but I still needed somewhat as 3 coats, or 4..  I don't remember because if I wasn't working quickly enough there started to create these weird gaps, bleh!! Absolutely not a fav of mine when it comes to texture.

Anyhow, I absolutely love the holographic effect on it!

natural light

artificial light

artificial light

What is your experience with Nfu Oh holo polishes?


  1. I love these also. I have Nfu oh 64 and 65. Even though I really enjoy them I find that they go on streaky and I can have a hard time getting full coverage with 3 coats. :( However, I still love the intensity of their holo-y-goodness. :)

  2. Wow... Loved the effect.

  3. You need to get the Aqua Base from NFU Oh. It's made specifically for their holo nail polishes. It acts as a slow drying base so you have time to really make the polish look perfect. I highly recommend it. I like it because it also works for brands like OPI and China Glaze's holo polishes.


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