NOTD: Pink and pearls

Hello everyone,

I got lots of nail polishes from my sister, and this beauty was one of those babies. It's called Maybelline 140 - Baby pink. A pretty decent name, considering how old it is.

The application wasn't problematic and it also dried quite quickly (considering I applied 3 layers). The brush was OK, nothing special.

I added some pearls, just because. :D Of course a walk with the dog (wild wild beast, jk) wasn't such a good idea - especially with a fresh manicure. But it survived. I needed to reapply the pearls on the other hand, but otherwise it was fine.

With summer coming, I feel like wearing super colorful manicures.  <3


  1. luštno:) kok časa ti pa zdržijo te biserčki gor? a te kej motijo? :)

  2. @Alice @ NailsbyAlice
    Thank you! <3
    @Pink_Diamond Zdrzijo enako dolgo kot manikura, ko je ta enkrat suha. So najtezja stvar za odstranit :)). Ampak gre. Drugace me ne motijo.

  3. lovely colour!



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