Chrystina's NARS giveaway!

Another beautiful lady has a giveaway! This time it's NARS giveaway, YAY!

How to enter and rules:

  • You must be a follower of her blog to enter!
  • You need to leave a comment on her blog to enter the giveaway! It counts as ONE entry
  • If you post her giveaway on your blog with a link back to her. It counts as TWO entries.
  • If you post her giveaway on your twitter with a link back to her. It counts as ONE entry.
  • So all together you can have up to FOUR chances to win!
  • If you blog this giveaway or twitter it let her know with a comment on her blog, so she knows how many times to put your name in the drawing!! :)
  • Her twitter is: ChrystinaGrace
What are you waiting for? Go check her out! ^^


  1. Yea, I already started "Project 10." I thought that since I have a heck of a lot of lippies, I should start with that... but then my Cherry Culture box came in today and I realized that I now have alot of blush. My boyfriend glared at me and said "you don't have any room don't you?" And I'm like "Ohh noooo!" hahhaa. But I hit pan on my Studio Fix!! Yay for progress!

    Should I blog about this? I shall. For personal reference. I'll do that when I wake up (it's 1:04am in HI). Good night & thanks for reading. :)

  2. Oh cool, I'm goign to join the giveaway too :)


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