Review: LINEA Professional Anticelulite Treatment

This is an anti-cellulite treatment. It's called LINEA Professional The Perfect Body Treatment. It comes in a container of 200ml which could last for two months. It costs 28€ (about 37$), and I can't decide if it's expensive or not. But for what it gives... I'd say that it's worth at least a try. Well yeah, the container looks like something my grandma would buy. Really Boring (I usually buy products if the look pretty). It looks like this (sorry for the crappy picture):
 Okay, I'll tell you how I got it. So one day my sister told me that our workmate gave her a tester of this product. And that it really works. After one use you can see/feel the difference. No way?! Anyhow after this information, I really wanted to try it out, because I have some cellulite problems (ahemm.. don't we all?). The workmate kind of always forgot to bring me the tester, so my sis ordered this product for me too. When I got it I thought that it looks a) ugly b) weird and c) weird again. It smells really fresh. I can't say what it smells like, hmm. I decided to try it out after the shower since it's supposed to work then at its best. When you're applying it you should use just a little bit of the cream since it works anyway. Don't waste it :D. I was really skeptical. Like, it could help me? No way! I opened the container. 
A sifter? Why is that good? (please don't mind the Pucca stickers, I wanted to fancy it up)I took that off:
  Photobucket Photobucket 

This thing is really creamy, but it's really light too. And you know what? IT WORKED! HELL IT DID! This thing is MAGIC! It burned like hell a couple of minutes after applying it, my thighs were completely red and hot at the touch, but it wasn't painful. Now that I've been using it for about three weeks I can really see the difference (it's really huge!). But I can't feel the heat anymore. I mean my tights still become red and hot, but I can't feel it. I probably just got used to it. Okay so once again, this thing is just magical. It works! And I thought that there's no more hope for me.
 I got it off this site (I think you can buy it too if you contact them): I hope this helped anyone who's looking a good product against cellulite, that actually works! Rating: 5/5 ♥ A HG!


  1. Šiiiii šiiiiiii! Superca, pa povej kako se obnese ;).


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